Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Indigenous People Unite to get Fish Farms Out of Their and Our Oceans, Updated Jan 15, 2016

First Nation's members, in a growing movement of international aboriginals, aim to get fish farms out of the pristine oceans they use as free, open sewers.

Clayoquot Sound Ahousaht First Nation is taking its petition to Norway to link up with the Sami, Norway's indigenous people to stand together to make Marine Harvest, Cermaq, Grieg Seafood and other Norwegian fish farms to get out of the ocean and farm on land, or in closed containment.

Take a look at this long blog post on the Clayoquot Action site:

The BC group could use your help in funding their historic, January trip to Norway, to meet at the Sami summit and then on to Bergen to present their petition to the government to divest from 'dirty' salmon feedlots, just as Norwegians did with oil.

This is the beginning of a global movement by indigenous people to get fish farms out of the ocean. There are indigenous people in Finland, Chile and other countries.

You may know that Norwegian fish farms companies forever changed the aboriginal people of Chile, by bringing in employment, then ISA that destroyed a quarter of a billion farmed salmon and threw all these people out of jobs, 13,000 to 26,000 of them.

Now, Chile is the acknowledged dirtiest country for fish farms in the world - diseases, lice, escapes, sewage damage, excessive antibiotics. Just a few months ago, in Torbel, a fish farm was not allowed in the water, to save tourism. The pristine Patagonia is being filled with fish farm sewage. And now, the Chilean fish farms, to address Costco's refusal to sell their product, are now manufacturing the advertising spin of: from Patagonia to your plate.

I think that consumers in the developed world will find this a most unappealing concept: that fish farms are busily destroying one of the most revered, pristine areas left in the world.

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