Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ahousaht First Nation People Take Stand Against Cermaq Fish Farms and their own Chiefs

In an unprecedented move, the people of Ahousaht, Calyoquot Sound BC, have said they will not tolerate another fish farm in this United Nations biosphere and take action on their own to stop it.

There are already 22 fish farms and wild chinook stocks teeter on the brink of extinction at 501 fish. The Kennedy Lake sockeye run has been wiped out and not returned during the time that fish farms have been in Clayoquot Sound.

Note that these people are taking action and feel their own chiefs have let them down. These people should be supported by all British Columbians, who have overwhelmingly signed a petition of their own to get fish farms out of BC. If you have ever been to Ahousaht, you will see a town that needs major financial support by the same governments, BC and Canada, that have signed this and other new farms into existence.

Go sign the Ahousaht petition:

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