Wednesday, 21 January 2015

VeroBlue Huge On-land Fish Farm - 40 Million Pounds of Fish

Here is yet another on land fish farm, and this one is massive, ultimately putting out 40,000,000 pounds of barramundi. The Norwegian style in-ocean fish farms are technological dinosaurs and we need them out of our pristine oceans.

This deal is worth $100 million. This should prove to even the most biased fish farm supporter that there is just no longer any reason to have fish farms in the ocean with their lice, feed, sea lion kills, diseases, effects on wild salmonids, escapes and release of sewage problems.

All farms need to be on land. In BC Canada the leases can be cancelled in 60 days. That is all it takes to rid our pristine oceans of in-ocean farms that typically put out the sewage of the entire output of all the humans in the nation where they operate.

In BC, my estimate of the sewage cost (not to mention its polluting effects) is $10.4 billion that we taxpayers shoulder. We don't want to pay. It is the same sewage of all the people in BC - 4.6 million.

See: Seafood news:
VeroBlue to Boost Land-Based Barramundi Production to 40 Million Lbs Yearly With Recirculating Tanks
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] January 21, 2015

VeroBlue Farms,a barramundi producer based in Iowa that grows its fish using land-based aquaculture systems, has inked a $100 million deal to buy patented recirculating aquaculture tanks that are expected to boost its production to 40 million pounds annually. 

Under VeroBlue's deal with Opposing Flows Aquaculture, Inc. the barramuni producer will buy 2,000 patented “opposing flows” technology land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) tank systems in a transaction valued at more than $100M...

This is VeroBlue's website:

This is my post showing 72 different on-land fish farm systems comprising more than 8000 on land farms aroung the globe:


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