Friday, 14 November 2014

Key Document: World Wildlife Foundation Certification for In-Ocean Fish Farm Doesn't Mean Much

Go read this glowing news report on Tasmania fish farms:

The problem here is that the WWF sanctions in-ocean fish farms rather than making them come out of the ocean to receive an award. So their awards mean nothing, because it allows for the only important issue to be disregarded.

A year or so ago, they, WWF, asked for comment on what they were doing and I told them that the detailed nature of the request would require me to work for a week to respond to their going to go the way of allowing fish farms to stay in the ocean rather than come out and be on land.

Their response to me, and this is the WWF, the World Wildlife Foundation, was that this was a start. I just shook my head. Fish farms have no intention of coming out of the water, and will oppose any such measure calling for several decades for more science because, as they will say, there is not enough science to prove that pulling farms out of Tasmamia, where they have no science, and that another several decades of science is required.

There are two problems: fish farms pay for science that agrees with them; and, they have no intention of coming out of the ocean because it allows them to use the ocean as a free open sewer, and they will argue that cleaning up their sewage, or come on land, will make them move to another country.

The WWF has given away the only real solution to fish farms - they need to be on land, or go back to Norway.

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