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Thanks to readers from around the world who are concerned about the environmental damage from in-ocean fish farms, this site has become a global success. Without any advertising or driving of page views, it has received 85,000 page views in the three years since being set up. And the rate is growing. In the coming year, it looks like an additional 50,000, or 60% more page views, in one year alone.

The purpose of the site has always been to summarize science, some 20,000 pages now, and global fish farm press. I often read 100 pages of such news per week to aid writing these posts.

I have placed all posts in an index in this post so that you have reference to all the posts in one place. I often go back and update posts, so even ones from three years ago can contain new information. Without doubt the post on the 69 Closed Containment, On-land fish farm systems I have found around the world, and that comprise more than 8000 such farms, is far and away the most viewed post on this site. The world wants fish farms out of the ocean.

And of great humour, Marine Harvest, Cermaq (now Mitsubishi?) and Grieg Seafood, who are unwilling to give their real names in my list of followers, obviously follow my site closely and read everything I write the second it comes up on fishfarmnews. That is because of the 85,000 page views the site has gotten, almost 12,000 are from Norway, or one in 7 page views.

I get requests for information from concerned citizens around the globe who want the old-tech in-ocean fish farms moved out of the ocean, put on land or to go back to Norway where they are from. I get requests for information from the press around the world and am considered a top commentator on many newspaper websites. I do this without receiving any money from anyone. I do it to stand up for wild BC salmon, something the conflicted DFO does not do.

My approach has always been to put up the reference links so that when I make a post, a reader can go back to them, read them for themselves and come to their own conclusions. Obviously, there are a lot of people around the world who consider this site a major voice on the serious environmental problems that in-ocean fish farms create. They need to come out of the water, or they will go under because informed consumers will no longer buy their products. For example, in BC, Canada, 85% of farmed product has to be sold outside the country because Canadians won’t buy it - we eat wild or Kuterra salmon only.

It all goes to the USA. But the parent companies are now shipping into the USA because a tariff was lifted and are now trying to open up in the USA, so they are in competition with their own offshoot companies in Canada, and could likely put them out of business. Chile, also heavily Norwegian, is a major shipper to the USA, too.

Thanks everyone for your positive comments.

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