Wednesday, 20 August 2014

NZ Talley Says Only Future for Farmed Fish is On-land

It is quite surprising to see one of NZs large farming/meat/seafood/vegetable bosses saying unequivocably that there is no future for fish farms in the world's ocean waters.

Peter Talley has this to say: "The future in aquaculture is not going to be out in the wild. Land-based installations farming finfish, that's where it will be."

See: : While the fishsite is a fish farm news site, they do publish a few articles on the downsides of fish farming. It is a good source of news on a daily basis.

So if you are looking for very current info, that is freely available, go to their site.

This article shows that NZ, is finding what other nations with fish farms have found: that the industry spin, seldom reflects reality. You will know that here in BC, Canada, fish farms say they have 6000 jobs. Even DFO came up with an inflated figure recently of 3700. It upsized the BC Stats report that noted only 1700 multiplier effect jobs.

I found out that BC fish farms have only 795 actual jobs. That is how small fish farms are in BC. All of aquaculture, contributes only $61.9 million to the BC economy - GPP. Sport fishing, on the other hand is 10 times larger with more than $606 million contributed to gross provincial product.

Go see my post on the 69 on-land fish farm systems I have found around the world, representing more than 8,000 actual on land farms:

Every job Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Food says it has can be divided by 7.5 to find the real number, or, stated another way, the actual jobs in BC fish farms are only 13.25% of what fish farms claim.

See thefishsit

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