Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fish Farm Diseases - ISA in Norway and ETC.

AS I have said, ISA has been a constant in Norway for the past forty years.

Read this for February 2014:

There is still ISA in Chile: It has not gone away since Aqua Gen brought it from Norway, for firms like Marine Harvest and Cermaq Mainstream, wiping out the industry in 2008. A quarter of a billion dead salmon. There was no ISA in the Pacific, until the Norwegian industry brought it there.

There is ISA in Newfoundland, Canada: Aqua Gray has been sliding in and out of bankruptcy since summer 2013 due to ISA infections killing farmed salmon.

There is ISA in Atlantic Canada. Cooke Aquaculture got $13,000,000 for ISA diseased salmon in 2012:

ISA in NL and NS, Gray Aqua, Cooke Aquaculture, 2013:

Fish farm spin goes this way: there is no ISA in BC, there is no ISA in Chile... oh, darn, now there is ISA in BC, ISA in NL, NS, oh well, we'll just have to live with it. They have used this approach wherever there is not ISA, but then it shows up.

Seven different labs have shown ISA is in BC, the last place on earth where it should be because all wild Pacific salmon can be killed. In fact, BC's wild salmon have declined 50% since fish farms have set up shop in BC. They are still in the phase saying there is no ISA in BC.

The labs of Kristi Miller, Are Nylund and Fred Kibenge have all registered ISA in BC. Fish farms, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the BC disease testing system have all said there is no ISA in BC.

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