Saturday, 22 June 2013

Norwegians Won't Eat Farmed Salmon - that Means Marine Harvest, Cermaq Mainstream, Grieg Seafood and Others - June 22, 2013

Go read this article translated into English:

Or here in Norwegian:

Norwegians will no longer eat farmed salmon - this in the country where this environmentally damaging industry started - and the big four food chains will no longer stock farmed Atlantic salmon.

Consumers and retailers want farmed salmon in closed containment with water recirculating systems so that the environment is not damaged, and fish can be grown without antibiotics and other chemicals.

This is what consumers want all over the world where these destructive in-ocean nets produce salmon. Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, European countries, Russia,  Canada, - both east coast and BC in the west.

If Norwegians won't eat farmed salmon, why would anyone else? Fish farms need to be in closed containment, on land, with recirculating systems, hydroponics, and energy production. Toxic chemicals are eliminated, and non-fish based feed reduces risks of cancer among other diseases. In BC fish farms can be taken out of our pristine ocean by cancelling leases - in sixty days.

Look here to see a decade's worth of science about the toxic - and cancer causing - chemicals found in open-net fish farm salmon:

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