Monday, 28 November 2011

KEY BC NEWS - ISA Disease in BC, Nov 30, 2011

DFO Has Known That ISA has been in BC Since 2002

There was very sad news this morning, Nov 30, 2011. Research conducted by DFO and other scientists, throughout BC, Alaska and the Bering Sea showed that ISA has been in BC and Alaska salmon since 2002.

See this:


Now seven wild salmon have tested positive for ISA in BC

ISA is not a Pacific Ocean disease. The only plausible source is imports of eggs/embryos of Atlantic salmon to BC fish farms. BC will have a serious problem with its 10 species of salmon and salmonids, depending on the RNA sequencing. Fish farms need to be out of the ocean.

Sockeye Fry, Rivers Inlet. The first two salmon identified were sockeye fry from Rivers Inlet. The Fred Kibenge lab in PEI did the PCR testing and found 2 of 48 fry positive for ISA. Are Nylund from Norway retested these, and one of 32 reruns gave a positive ISA result. His comments were that the samples were degraded (as they were not collected specifically for ISA testing) but "... do suggest ... that an ISA virus is present in wild populations of O. nerka (Pacific sockeye)." The Seattle Times.

See Fred Kibenge, world expert on ISA, in his lab:
See the Kibenge table:
See the Nylund Nov 2, 2011 table:

Coho, Chum and Chinook Adults, Fraser River. The next three salmon identified were adult salmon of three species. Kibenge tested 10 adult salmon of three species from the Fraser River. He found ISA in coho, chum and chinook salmon.

See the Kibenge Table:

Sockeye Adults, Fraser River.
The following two salmon bring the total to seven wild BC salmon testing positive for ISA.

See the Nylund table, Nov:

Are Nylund, head of the Fish Diseases Group at the University of Bergen, Norway, has stated: “… based on 20 years of experience, I can guarantee that if British Columbia continues to import salmon eggs from the eastern Atlantic infectious salmon diseases, such as ISA, will arrive in Western Canada”. Dr. Laura Richards, DFO, let the eggs/embryos into BC.

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