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Triple In-ocean Fish Farms? - Canadians Don't Agree, UPdated Nov 27, 2017

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Trying to triple in-ocean fish farms is more than a decade out of step with society and the industry. It’s a dinosaur move and Canadians are completely against it

On-land is the only way forward. The companies - Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood - can go back to Norway and set up on land there, because their own country has become fed up with their environmental damage in the ocean. When Norway is fed up, Canada needs to pay attention.

The Atlantic Sapphire, on-land, 150,000mt plant coming on stream in Florida may well wipe out the entire Canadian industry because its main market, the USA, will be taken away, from a product that has cost benefits and consumer preference going for it. See item 176 in this post:

And that report below is a long way away from the real stats. Fish farms are small in jobs. See DFO’s own report, the BC Stats Report table: This post has the table of stats, and commentary on how small fish farms really are - 1700 multiplier jobs. And the actual number of jobs in BC is 820. I went out and found the actual numbers.

Between your stance on fish farms and Kinder Morgan, you, the Liberals, are on the verge of alienating BC for a generation. That would make two provinces hate the name Trudeau, over the same oil, and, in BC, salmon.

Before putting another fish farm anywhere in Canada - the east coast is also strongly against fish farms - put one in the Rideau Canal beside the Parliament buildings, and in the river below, put in a big farm of 2 million fish. In less than a year, I will bet you come to hate them as much as the rest of Canada.


Hi All;

I'm going to be sick. Who is on this ill-informed Council??

“The finance minister’s economic advisory council (in 2017) suggested a tripling of production, which would lead to even more jobs and activity being created,” the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance report released Wednesday said.

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Little available water being used, Fisheries Minister told to triple farming.Canada has considered creating conditions for the tripling of aquaculture activity in the country mainly by expanding license areas, judging by a hopeful-looking report

And here is a new article on the Spring Hill, on-land fish farm in the States, at the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It completely eliminates all problems of in-ocean fish farms, including sewage that is made into nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer:

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