Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Atlantic Sapphire On-Land Fish Farm

The new Atlantic Sapphire on-land fish farm, in Florida, at 150,000 tons may well cause serious damage to the BC industry, unless it moves from the ocean onto land.

And despite what Ian Roberts, communications person at MH in BC, said about not buying Kuterra, the on-land fish farms in BC, his own company doesn't agree with him. Marine Harvest is investing $100 Million in closed containment/on-land. See: 

And, of course, there are those MH executives that have left MH and signed on with AS.

Here are some other useful links to investigate AS and MH closed containment:
There are several references to follow up in this one, from 2016: 

This gives you Atlantic Sapphire, and a link to on-land hitting 20,000mt by 2020: 

Cruise the bold facing in this one for on-land items, for ex, in Norway, NOFIMA at 344: There is also MH in the 380s, and 377.

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