Saturday, 25 November 2017

How Bad It It To Be Grieg Seafood? This Bad

This bad:

1. Its Aqualine 'new concept' farm was denied in Norway as not being a good enough improvement, 2016, 2017:

2. It sold down its shares in itself in 2016, but is still 'committed' to itself: Here is another link to an article on the 1.824 million share sale:

3. It was expelled from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organization (SSPO)in Scotland in 2014 for bringing in smolts from Norway without quarantining them. See: And here is another link directly to an article: You may recall that in BC Canada, the Norwegian fish farms are trying to put PRV infected smolts in BC water.

4. Grieg has ISA Disease in Norway: This is a story that has gotten worse in 2017. See the BAD NEWS BITES post for the ongoing details:

5. Grieg Manager Charged with False Lice Counts, False Fish Densities, 2015:

6. Marine Harvest Buys 28.8 Million Grieg Shares, 2013:

7. Grieg Illegally Kills 65 Sea Lions in its Nets - BC, Skuna Bay, Globe, Hume article, 2012: Here is another article: Both say 52 sea lions, but the full total was 65.

8. Grieg Loses Big Time in Shetlands - 14million pounds, about $20 million US, 2016:

9. Grieg Fires Workers, Shetlands. This is not long after receiving assistance from the government, 2015:

10. Grieg Wants to Sell Shetland Ops, But Offers Not Good Enough, 2016 : This article goes on to say that near bankruptcy was saved by the drop in salmon numbers world wide and a spike in salmon prices. You will recall that Scotland lost 10 million to lice, Norway lost 18 million to lice and Chile lost 25 million due to an algal bloom caused, in part, by their own sewage.

11. Grieg Aquiline Denied a Permit by Norwegian govenrment. Concept not innovative enough:

12. And then the Skuna Bay farms BC had furunculosis in 2016. See:

13. Grieg fish farms had IHN in 2012. BC, Taxpayers paid them millions for these diseased dead fish in 2014. See: Quote: "OTTAWA — The federal government quietly paid $4.1 million in compensation to two Norway-headquartered aquaculture companies operating in B.C. that had to destroy fish hit by a deadly virus in 2012.

The payments came from a program that has paid out $94 million since 2011 — mostly to East Coast fish farmers — to cover losses from exposure to disease." And I did another article adding up the total, and it came to $177 Million we have paid for diseased, dead fish:

14. More Grieg Seafood Money for Diseased Dead Fish: BC,  "The payments of $2.8 million to Cermaq Canada and $1.3 million to Grieg Seafoods are outlined in federal documents about the culls after fish farm exposure to infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus, also known as IHNv." Note that the payments for ISA in the east totalled $133 million over the years." See my article here: And I did another article adding up the total, and it came to $177 Million we have paid for diseased, dead fish:

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