Saturday, 4 November 2017

Fish Farm Sewage, Fish Farm Chemicals, Fish Farm Antibiotics

I have calculated that a conservative cost of fish farm sewage to the taxpayers of BC is $10.4 Billion. Of all the aspects of sewage treatment I have looked into, there is no industry that comes anywhere close to this amount of sewage damage.

And the other thing is that no one wants to pay for anyone else's sewage. Not a bean of it.

Here is the post where I show you how to calculate this figure. I have said my amount is conservative. The other end of a fair estimate is triple the $10.4B figure, that's how bad fish farms in BC are.


The sewage output in BC by fish farms is greater than all the sewage put out by all the humans in BC, that's how bad fish farms are, and, again, that is at the $10.4 B level, not triple, as in the other end of the conservative range.

The same can be said about the sewage cost in other countries around the world that still allow in-ocean fish farms. Note that it is fair to say that everywhere in the world that the public has to put up with fish farms, they come to overwhelmingly reject them. See this post:

And, now, here is a graphic that gives graphic evidence that fish farms in Scotland are one of the most abusing industries with respect to sewage release into pristine waters:

You will note that only waste recycling plants deal with more pollution than fish farms, that is how bad fish farms are. Fish farms are far above private and public sewage treatment.

And how badly are the fish infected with PCBs, chemicals, POPs and antibiotics compared with other types of meat products that we eat?

Look here, it is hard to miss:

Yes, you read it right. Farmed salmon has 10 times the chemical pollutants than any other food we eat for meat protein.

And just how much antibiotics are in BC farmed salmon? Read on, nearly 2000 km of pills laid end to end:


Hard to believe, yet true.

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