Monday, 9 May 2016

Drop the DFO Case to Put Diseased Fish Farm Salmon in BC's Water

Subject : Drop the DFO Case to put Diseased Fish In BC's Water

Hi Hunter/Justin

The Canadian public wants you to drop the case of DFO and Marine Harvest
who want diseased salmon put in BC waters.

You're supposed to be different from Harper, now prove it.

BC wants fish farms out of our ocean. This is the only future for fish
farms in BC - on land or on land in Norway, that is fed up with their
damage to its own ocean and is giving out free licenses to set up on land,
a $9- top $12-million subsidy.

DC Reid

Because we do not charge for a saltwater license (well, a measly $5,000), the subsidy we give fish farms is 130 licenses X ($9- to $12-million) = $1.17- to $1.56 Billion for them to use our pristine ocean as a free, open sewer. This does not make sense.

Go see the post on Trudeau and Tootoo appealing the court decision that struck down putting diseased Atlantic Salmon into BC water, with PRV (aka HSMI) - or any other disease - that can kill wild Pacific salmon:

Please sign the petition. Here is a direct link:

The Liberals are fast running out of their political capital on environmental damage, in this case, by appealing a decision that kept salmon disease out of the BC ocean. Hard to believe but true.

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