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Fish Farm News Bites - 2016 - Almost too Many to Count: 595, Updated June 23, 2016

My Fish Farm News Bites Post that follows the hard to believe amount of negative global fish farm/seafood industry press is so big, it won't take any more. This is in less than a year. So here is the rest of the post, as of May 6, 2016.

This is the rest of the list: the bold facing for a minute or two. You might be very alarmed about what fish farms companies, and the seafood industry do in our water around the world.

From that post, here is a quick, one gulp of the problems I have found in less than a year: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on.

 I receive 20 global fish farm newsletter every week, so I am up on the issues.

Can you actually believe this amount of bad press? Almost 600 bad news fish farm stories in about a year. Very hard to believe it is this bad.

2016 News: 

595. Peru Unreliable Fish Meal Exporter - Ass. criticizes govt:

594. Boom - Canada, 2015 seafood sales up 21% to $4.7bn ($6B CDN) - due to aquaculture:

593. Workers Lose Jobs - M&S, UK moving smoked mackerel from Young’s to Dawnfresh - in addition to Seachill issue: Remember that this one started months ago with Marine Harvest yanking business from Youngs.

592. 200 Workers to Lose Jobs - Seachill, plant closure, after £60m  M&S contract loss:

591. Cermaq CEO Resigns - Jon Hindar. Geir Molvik hired :

590. Tilapia Disease - China:

589. Transparency, Norway - FSA (Food Safety Authority) launches sea lice transparency website: Updated weekly, lice treatment, fish diseases at all breeding sites.

588. Boom - and Polluting the World's Ocean, Tassal plans offshore expansion:

587. Don't Buy Farmed Salmon - US Chef, Tom Douglas:

586. Don't Buy Farmed Salmon - UK, Chefs Urged:

585. Don't Buy Farmed Salmon - US Chef, Tom Douglas:

584. Boom - Sea Harvest looking for more acquisitions:

583. Canada, Cheaper than Chile: Mergle, whose company buys whole farmed fish from Canada and fillets from Chile, said that when cost of production is taken into account, Canadian fillets are about 30 to 50 cents cheaper to produce. Depending on the size he said prices of Canadian fillets stand between $4.70-$4.90/lb.

582. Boom Bust Industry - Global Salmon Industry -  limiting huge swings in output of Atlantic farmed salmon from Chile will come as a benefit to the world´s major salmon producers, Nordea market expert says:

581. Call for Closed Containment - ASF, Canada:

580. New Regulation Limits Salmon Production - Chile:

579. Skuna Bay Salmon Problems:

578. Boom - Cooke Acquires Icicle Seafoods, VP Cusack leaves:

577. Bust - Algal Bloom, Dead Fish, Cermaq, Clayoquot Sound BC:, see June 17, 2016 post.

576. Major Bust - Stagnant volumes, rising costs push AKVA, Marine Harvest offshore: Terrible reduction in worold volume, Aarskog, CEO.

575. Bust - Polish Salmon Processor Loses Major German Retail Contract:

574. Boom Bust Industry - Mediterranean Report, 2010. "Stabilizing measures are indicated as essential to help smooth out the sharp
boom and bust cycles of the industry"

573. Boom Bust Industry - Cooke (?) Aquaculture, automation, value-added to lead to double digit growth:

572. Soaring Salmon Prices May Lead to Bankruptcies - French Smoker:

571. Salmon Die Off - BC, Cermaq: CBC: Millar Channel and Ross Passage salmon farms:

570. Salmon Die Off - BC, Canada. This is a big issue! Clayoquot is experiencing an algal bloom right now, along with this in Nootka Sound, see 565, below:

569. Few Corps Pledged to Sustainable Farming, Fishing WWF report:

568. Antibiotic Resistance is Global Megatrend, Nutreco CEO Nesse warns, Aquavision 2016 blog:

567. Harper Era Budget Cuts Reduce Inspections in NF:

566. Workers Lose Jobs - Grimsby, UK faces job loss with M&S switch from Seachill - 300 jobs lost - to Five Star: You will recall that this issue started with Marine Harvest action that started with job losses at Young's.Up to 300 jobs could be lost at Seachill

565. Algal Bloom, Canada, BC, Cermaq farms hit by algal bloom, farmed salmon killed:

564. Untransparent Industry Player,  Omega Protein, USA, Industry Infighting,  ordered to turn over shareholder list

563. Closed Containment in Canada - Private Members Bill C-228, Fin Donnelly:

562. Highest Ever Antibiotics use, 2015 - Chile, SRS:

561. Sealice Mismanagement - Scotland:

560. Australis HIghest Antibiotic User in Salmon - Chile:

559. Antibiotic Use hits Nine Year High - Chile:

558. Salmon Lice, Feed, Rising US Dollar - Big Problems, Marine Harvest, Aarskog. Note that with the Kroner price held down, artificially by the government, exacerbates the problem, though salmon sales are better:

557. Lice, Lice and More Lice - Marine Harvest, Aarskog, CEO: Oh, and innovative methods, Alf-Helge Aarskog.

556. Fish Farm Disease - Canada, ISA, IPN, NS, NB, CFIA:

555. Severe Marine Pollution - Aquaculture, Vietnam. In aquaculture, one hectare of shrimp farming produces about 5 tonnes of solid waste and tens of thousands of cubic metres of waste water in one crop. With over 600,000ha of shrimp farms in Vietnam, nearly 3 million tonnes of solid waste will be discarded to the environment every year. See:

554. Boom - Fish processing market worth $223bn by 2021:

553. Only 16% of Seafood Sustainable - Canada. SeaChoice Best Choice, clashes with MSC info:

552. Fish Diseases, Treatment, Weekly List - Norway:

551. Wage Abuse, Sexual Harrassment - Atlantic Capes workers:

550. El Nino Did Not Cause Algal Bloom - Chile - Fish Sewage, Dumping of Dead Fish still on the hook: "This increase in temperature is likely coming from an increase in solar radiation rather than ocean currents and should correlate with salmon mortalities due to the increase in associated toxic algae densities.
In contrast to this, toxic algae should indeed be lower on the west facing side of the island of Chiloe, with lower salmon mortalities if the correlation between el NiƱo, increased temperatures, toxic algae and salmon mortalities holds true."

549. Ontario Public Rejects Fish Farms - Georgian Bay: Here is a newspaper article from Ontario, June 2016: Hard to believe that DFO et al are still doing the strictest regulations and etc. The truth is that DFO does not have the C&P staff to check on the farms.

548. Workers Lose Jobs - Canada, Canfisco, BC, cannery closes, fish processed elsewhere:

547. Government Devalued Kroner Leads to Profit, Norway, Nergard, record high, Samherji partnership:

546. Exec Indicted, Tax Charges - USA, National Fish & Seafood, Pandolfo:

545. Marine Harvest Bullies Chilean Government, new regulations - will slash 2016 output 50%: See also, 535.

544. Boom - Fortune Fish, USA, acquisitions, to be ‘regional powerhouse’:

543. Bust - Algal Bloom - Chile, Marine Harvest to cut production 50%, fall to 36,000 mt in 2016, a result of the algae, caused in part by fish farm sewage:

542. Huge Antibiotics Use in Chile - SRS:
Read: Unable to develop an effective vaccine, Chilean farmers have been forced to increase antibiotic use. In 2014, the industry produced around 895,000 tonnes of fish and used 563,200 kilograms (1.2 million pounds) of antibiotics, according to government and industry data. Antibiotic use had risen 25 percent from 2013.

Sernapesca said that it "valued" the ruling, which "goes in the right direction regarding the transparency with which this industry should operate."

Farmed-salmon producers operating in Chile include Marine Harvest, Australis Seafoods, Compania Pesquera Camanchaca, Blumar, Multiexport Foods, Cermaq Group AS and Empresas AquaChile."

541. False Lice Reports - Norway, appeal: Courts decided not to sentence Nord Senja Laks to a loss of salmon farming rights over its misreporting of sea lice; Okokrim (Norwegian authorities) has now appealed this decision

540. Workers Lose Jobs - Algal Bloom Bust - Camanchaca, 427 workers:

539. Anchovy Stocks for Fish Meal Crash - Peru, 35% of target:

538. Algal Boom Bust - Chile, AquaChile CEO Victor Puchi: could cost industry +$200m:

537. Boom Bust Industry - Chile workers would have been fired, even if the Algal Bloom hadn't happened:

536. Public Rejects Fish Farm Test Site in NZ, Skretting:

535. Marine Harvest AquaChile Attack Government Regulations:

534. Disease Wipes out Global Shrimp - EMS - will it recover?

533. Tipping Point for BC Fish Farms - on land looking likely:

532. Executives Flee AquaChile, Gaston Dupre, Torben Peterson, CEO, Jose Luis Lial, Scot Nicholls, Franco Adams,

530. Boom - Thai Union, Looks for $5Billion in sales, aggressive expansion Chansiri, CEO, will look at India, Indonesia, Bangladesh:

529. Boom - BioMar, 50% volume growth target for next five years (

528. Illegal Fishing - Peru, new offices in Chimbote, Tumbes to tackle illegals:

527. Boom - Leroy invests +€200m in Havfisk, Norway Seafoods:

526. Boom Bust Industry - Grieg Seafood in Trouble in Shetlands. Bakkafrost not in running to buy:

525. Transparency, What Transparency - Antibiotics, Chile, court rules individual salmon firms’ antibiotic use to be disclosed by govt: Chile has the highest antibiotics use in the world.

524. Fish Farms Bully Governments - Chile, Marine Harvest, SalmonChile, take govt to court over new laws:

523. Bust - Chile, anchovy die-offs due to ocean oxygen levels: (

522. Bust - Algal Bloom - Multiexport Food, Chile $9.4 M loss: (

521. Bust - Algal Bloom - Empressas AquaChile $29.5m loss:

520. Bust - Algal Bloom - AquaChile $43.5 Million loss:

519. Workers first to get Fired, Chile - now 10,000 lost jobs:

518. Bust then Boom Industry - Marine Gold, Thailand reaping benefits of 2013 losses as shrimp production rebounds:

517. Boom - Chile, Fish Farms move into pristine ocean, apply for 68 licenses, Bio Bio:

516. Bust - Alaska, Great Pacific Seafoods closes plant, may file for bankruptcy:

515. Boom Bust Industry - Thai Union targets $4.2bn revenue growth in 2016, 8B by 2020:

514. Boom Bust Industry - Chile, El Nino, algal bloom, $2.7m Camanchaca loss, 2 m salmon loss: (

513. Fish Farm Disease Videos, Twyla Roscovich:

512. Boom Bust Industry - Marine Harvest to suffer Major Bust. Sell stock now:

511. Unstable Industry - Cermaq Norway, industry needs Chilean supply for market stability,CEO Jon Hindar:

510. Big Time Fine for False Lice Reporting - Norway, Norway Royal Salmon subsidiary, Nord Senja Laks, 5M NOK:

509. Fish Farm Diseases - UK, Can't rely on Anti-virals alone:

508. Boom Bust Industry - Chile,salmon exports fell 11.5%, $77 Million in Q1:

507. Intransigent Leroy Tries 'Pipedream' rather than set up on land, Norway:

506. Fish Not Fed for Two Weeks - Chile, protest shuts supply:

505. Drought Damages 81,000 hectares, shrimp breeding ponds, Vietnam: (

504. Diseased Oysters Banned - Canada, bacteria outbreak last year, vibrio parahaemolyticus made people sick:

503. Boom Bust Industry: Major Thai Shrimp Supplier to US in Dire Straights:

502. Illegal Fishing? - NZ Seafood:

501. PRV Fish Farm Disease in BC (aka HSMI)- kills millions of fish in Norway:

500. PRV Fish Farm Disease in BC:

499. Acquisition in Seafood Industry - Ocean Premier acquires Canadian Toppits Foods:

498. Acquisition in Fish Farm Industry - Dawnfresh bids for Grieg Shetland operation:

497. GMO Salmon Approved in Canada, Aquabounty:

496. PRV Disease in BC Fish Farms: Sad but  true.

495. PRV Disease in BC Fish Farms:

494. Bust - Drought Wipes out Vietnam Shrimp Industry. The worst drought and saltwater intrusion in almost a century cost about VND 6.4 trillion ($287 million) in the first four months of 2016, Vietnam's General Statistics Office, no signs of disaster abating. See:

493. Boom Bust Cycle, Chile, climbs to 123,000 mt dead farmed fish:

492. Scottish Lice Out of Control, Anglers Appeal to EU: Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland, which represents anglers and fishery owners, has lodged a formal complaint at the Commission arguing that the Edinburgh administration’s approach constitutes a breach of European environmental legislation.It comes after one study suggested that almost 60 per cent of Scottish salmon production was failing to adhere to thresholds set out in the industry's voluntary code of good practice for numbers of sea lice, which occur naturally on different species of fish. See:

491. Demand for On-land Fish Increases - Expansion for US tilapia farmer Quixotic will ramp up its production from current 1 million fish:

490. Executive Sells Big - Hallvard Leroy boss, 28,064 shares at 405.77 Kroners:

489. Boom - Macduff, Clearwater rocketing China sales, up 41%:

488. Bust - Salmon Processor Vega will close two facilities, Denmark:

487. Cartel Nature of Industry - Marine Harvest sells 26% stake in Grieg Seafood for $139 Million:

486. Boom - German Forde-Garnelen land-based shrimp farm will triple production:

485. Executives Jump Ship - 2 Sisters hires Seachill, Sealord NPD exec amid M&S coated tender, joins Five Star parent 2 Sisters, competing for business:

484. Boom Bust Cycle - Boom, Marine Harvest, Norway, applies for 28 offshore cage licenses, where environmental damage is hard to assess:

483. Pescanova Debtholders sue Previous Owners:

482. Chile Algal Bloom Dead Fish Causes Boom in Alaska Wild Salmon:

481. Fish Farms Caused Unprecedented Algal Bloom by Dumping Dead Fish at Sea? - Chile, Scientists aim to find out:

480. Bust: Disease Wipes out Chinese Shrimp Farmers - EMS Disease.

479. Boom Bust Industry - Mitsubishi, loses $65m on salmon farming, Cermaq cuts losses, but Southern Cross deeper in red:

478. Boom Bust Industry - Marine Harvest Sainsbury plant loses €28m since startup in 2014:

477. 60 Workers Laid Off - Germany, Bencis shuts Ristic plant, shift production to Morubel:

476. Seals Killed in Scotland - 2011 to 2015, Scottish Seafarms (supply M&S) killed 150 seals, Grieg, 136, Scottish Salmon Company 128, Marine Harvest 76:

475. Fish Farm Workers Hurt, Die in Aquaculture Industry - Norway, 34 dead since 1982:
In the period from 1982 to 2015 34 people working in aquaculture related activities died. - See more at:

474. 50,000 Myanmar Workers Leave Thai Seafood Jobs, Head Home -

473. Boom Bust Industry - Boom, M&S salmon supplier Scottish Sea Farms sees profit rocket on high high salmon prices: ( At the same time, Chile has a bust due to algal bloom, and fishermen blocking roads to take salmon out, and industry at 30%. See below.

472. Boom Bust Industry - Bust, Mitsubishi (Cermaq) loses $65m on salmon farming ops, Southern Cross:

471. Boom Bust Industry - Norway, salmon prices hit 'crazy' high level:

470. Boom Bust Industry - India tuna catch falls 50%:

469. Shareholders Push for Change - Omega Protein pushed to sell menhaden portion of corporation:

468. Bust, Fishermen's Protest Cuts Chilean Salmon Industry to 30%, yet another supply issue, global salmon prices skyrocket:

467. Boom - CP Foods, 40% Thai shrimp growth in 2016:

466. Boom Acquisition - Oceana bullish on fishmeal prices, South Africa, Daybrook, US acquisition boosts profit 67%:

465. Boom - World's largest seafood co., Maruha Nichiro’s operating profit drops, but bottom line surges:

464. Boom Bust Industry - Boom, SalMar, Norway reports record profits sea lice issues:

463. Bust, Marine Harvest loses 16,000 mt of fish - Chile, algal bloom:

462. Cartel Nature of Industry - Thai Union Owned Meralliance, Esco pass high salmon prices to UK, France, where it operates Edinburgh Salmon Company:

461. Conflict of Interest - Industry Funding Fisheries Research - Greenpeace, USA, Ray Hillborn:

460. Boom Bust Industry - Boom, Grieg, Norway best quarterly profit ever, due to high prices, (Prices high because of 20 Million salmon killed by algal bloom in Chile):

459. 20 Kilos Cocaine in Frozen Fish - Dealers Charged, USA, from Suriname:

458. Bust, Chilean Protest Costs Fish Farms/Seafood $80 Million in one week:

457. Young's/Sainsbury Problem - Marine Harvest loses 11 Million Euros on UK Rosyth Plant:

456. Conflict of Interest - Leroy Food Group, CEO Beltestad Pushes Norwegian government to deliver fish farm growth, to work with fish farms:

455. Boom Bust Industry - Bust, Marine Harvest, Chile, $19m Q2 hit in Chile as losses widen:

454. Boom Bust Industry - Boom, Marine Harvest, Scotland, to invest £35m in M&S Scottish salmon expansion:

453. Boom Bust Industry - Shetlands, Russia Embargo, hits value of Shetland pelagic landings, 29% down

452: Lice Uncontrolled, Scotland, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland, Complains to EC over Scottish government failure to address impact:

451. Young's/Sainsbury Issue Goes on and On - Marine Harvest, after causing the problem, Sainsbury salmon plant to lose €11m:

450. Industry Leans on Government to Act - Leroy CEO Beltestad, Norway:

449, Boom Bust Industry - Canada, Cooke Buys Icicle Seafood: Cooke now has $1.8 Billion in sales:

448. Fish Farm Pollution Unacceptable - NZ:

447. Boom Bust Industry - UK, Young’s blames Sainsbury salmon contract loss (with Marine Harvest) for rocketing exceptional expenses:

446. Codfather’ Rafael Indicted - USA, lying about catches, smuggling cash to Portugal:

445. Anti-competitive Industry - Pioneer Fishing fined, South Africa:

444. Boom Bust Industry, Boom - NZ seafood exports reach record high $1.17 billion:

443. Illegal Antibiotics Use - Malaysia, Chloramphenicol, Nitrofurans:

442. Executives Jump Ship to Billion Dollar Ship: Andy Stapley steps down from Marine Harvest’s struggling Sainsbury plant, takes another executive to take over Rosyth processing:

441. Boom Bust Industry - Canada, BC. Export record, 2015, sees same in 2016 Chinese demand:

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