Sunday, 1 October 2017

Most Popular Posts of September, 2017

Here are the most popular posts of September.

It has been a big summer with the collapse of the Cooke Aquaculture Cypress fish farm in WA; the diseases trip by the Sea Shepherd/Morton, and its video showing malformed, infected fish swimming in feces clouded water at every place they put a GoPro in a random net; cities now starting to prohibit fish farms in their territory, Tortel, Chile, and Sooke, BC; and, most important, the occupy movement by aboriginals at the Midsummer/Wicklow Point and Swanson fish farms to get them out of the water for good.

This is the link to the MPP of August, 2017, where you can find the post for the MPP of July as well: The most popular post turned out to be me, winning the national Roderick Haig-Brown Award in 2016, my second award for sustained environmental writing on the environmental damage of fish farms around the globe.

1. BAD NEWS BITES, started Sept 1, 2017, it rose to 178 bad news stories in global press against fish farm/seafood industry operations: Prior to this 178 in Sept, I had found 2,000 bad news stories in the previous two years. This post was far and away the most popular in September.

2. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms: The note is clear that First Nations want fish farms out of the ocean.

3. Fish Farms Are Small in BC - note to Fin Donnelly: This one has the stats about how small fish farms are in the BC economy despite what they and DFO say. This post has the BC Stats Report table. 
You need this table when arguing about the size of the sector.

4. More Aboriginals Against Fish Farms: This is the occupy movement post.    

5. Most Popular Post, August, 2017:

6. Fisheries Act Recommendations - WCEL: This is West Coast Environmental Law's top 10 recommendations. These legal opinions are worth remembering when talking about updates of our weakened laws.

7. Atlantic Salmon Breed in BC Rivers, Tsitika, John Volpe: This is the classic paper on Atlantics breeding in BC, the response when fish farms trot out the old stories about Atlantics not taking hold in previous plants early in the 20th century. As in, they are now.

8. Global Fight Against Fish Farms - Tasmania:

9. Your Promise to Move Fish Farms Onto Land - Jobs and Revenues Low in Fish Farms:

10. Tracking the Tassal Disaster - MacQuarie Harbour, Tasmania: This post is from ABC News in Tasmania and they have put together all the stories in over 30 years on fish farms in Tasmania, starting when Tassal was in bankruptcy (a common outcome in fish farming) and the person sorting it out convinced the bank to buy some of a competitor and this gave Tassal 60% of leases and a new shot at life. See all the damage they have caused in this World Heritage Site. See item 8 for more information.

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