Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Fish Farms Trash, er, Damage BC Ocean

 Go read the following article in the Nanaimo Bulletin then see my brief comments below:

 Re: Steve Atkinson: "Fish farms negatively impacting environment, Letters, Oct. 3.
These letters contain numerous false statements and inaccuracies that simply cannot be left unchallenged."

Sorry Steve, my calculation is that BC fish farms cost the BC taxpayer $10.4 Billion in sewage cost. And do find the video of the 2017 Sea Shepherd trip showing deformed fish, ill behaviour and the cloudy fecal water at every farm into which they randomly stuck a goPro.

My list now has 194 different on-land systems, comprising almost 20,000 on land fish farms around the world: The Atlantic Sapphire one is going to put the BC industry out of business as it is coming on stream in Florida on land and will produce cheaper fish that are transported cheaper. Number 176 on the list.

My estimate of the licence subsidy for fish farms is $1.17 to $1.56-bilion that we taxpayers pay for them to trash our ocean.

My calculation is that a fish farm industry the size of BC, kills 5.76 Billion forage fish to bring in one crop. Fish farms don't save wild fish, they kill wild fish.

You can find all of the references and links to the calculations on my Fish Farm News blog. Simply Google it. 

Oh and the economic contribution of all of aquaculture to BC's economy is a paltry $61.9 M, and the actual jobs are an insignificant 820 in BC. See the BC Stats Report.

Oh and I guess you missed that Scotland used $483 million in antibiotics in 2016, Norway lost millions to lice, and Chile lost 25 million fish last year to an algal bloom caused, in part, by their own sewage. Between the three they lowered global output by 8.7% last year. Recent news puts the Scotland loss at 10,000,000 fish.

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