Saturday, 7 October 2017

DFO White Knights or KKK?

As a person who worked for the BC government in the past, I almost threw up when reading the bible-length tome of DFO whitewash regarding what they do on the public's behalf.

You have to scroll through this one to get the throat gagging effect it has, but don't read it all, as you may be nauseated for a very long time.


A few snippets? Oh, okay, but only because you asked.

On second thought, here is the Table of Contents. Remember, don't read too much:

Table of contents

Here is one example:


"3. Integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of good governance and democracy. By upholding the highest ethical standards, public servants conserve and enhance public confidence in the honesty, fairness and impartiality of the federal public sector.

Public servants shall serve the public interest by:
  1. Acting at all times with integrity, and in a manner that will bear the closest public scrutiny, an obligation that may not be fully satisfied by simply acting within the law.
  2. Never using their official roles to inappropriately obtain an advantage for themselves or to advantage or disadvantage others.
  3. Taking all possible steps to prevent and resolve any real, apparent or potential conflicts of interest between their official responsibilities and their private affairs in favour of the public interest.
  4. Acting in such a way as to maintain their employer’s trust.
At Fisheries and Oceans Canada Integrity also means:
  1. How we achieve results is as important as the achievements themselves.
  2. We prevent and correct situations where there is, or appears to be, favouritism or nepotism.
  3. We accept responsibility for our actions and report inappropriate conduct to management in order to build and maintain trust and accountability.
  4. We live up to our commitments within the workplace and with stakeholders."
 As we all know, managing one's career is the most important thing in the federal civil service. That is not about integrity.

You can scan the rest.

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