Friday, 24 March 2017

March 2017 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News

I have been posting the most popular posts of the month since October 2016. Look on the first day of the succeeding month (or close to it) for the lists.

For March 2017, the most popular post by a large margin is this one: Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC. Justin Trudeau and Dominic LeBlanc don't get that salmon are as important to BC as French is to Quebec. Go and read the post as it has a good list of references, including to the survey that proves that salmon are that important to BC.

The other thing that has come clear in 2017 is that in-ocean fish farms are on the run nearly all around the world. The most recent place is Tasmania where residents are complaining that they need to be on land. Ottawa just doesn't get that the BC industry is an out of date dinosaur. The Atlantic Sapphire, 90,000 mt fish plant to be built in Florida, will be bigger than the entire BC industry and is going to eliminate BC's sales into the USA, more than 50% of its business.

As before, the most-often-read posts are near the beginning. This does not make them anymore important than the other posts, simply an indication of the global audience's preferences in March, 2017. Examples of very important posts toward the end are: 7. Habitat Protection and Changes to Laws; and, 11. ISAV in BC but DFO, the CFIA and BCMAL Can' Find Disease. Here are the posts:

1. Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - fish farms, Kinder Morgan, environmental issues, good references: Will BC fight? Just watch us.

2. BAD NEWS BITES - more than 300 bad news stories about the global fish farm/seafood industry, since January 14, 2017. More than 1,400 bad news stories since July, 2015: Scan the bold faced text to see a quick list of the litany of problems

3. The Future of On-Land Fish Farms is Now:

4. The Future of Aquaculture - On-Land Fish Farms - The Future is Now:

5. Fish Farm Companies Make Taxpayer Money from Diseased Fish. No taxpayer in Canada wants to pay a bean to a company dumb enough to kill its own fish with diseases that can be totally avoided by putting farms on land: Note that this is a post from 2013. Looks like a lot of fish farms companies are reading this one, as in perhaps something we taxpayers don't like may be about to happen.

6. Versinia Resembles Bubonic Plague - Brought to you by Fish Farms: 

7. Habitat Protection and Changes to Laws - Righting the Wrongs of the Harper Era:

8. Scandal of 45 Lochs Trashed by Pollution - from fish farms, Scotland:

9. Fish Farm Diesel Spill in Pristine Ocean:

10. Key Document - Dr. Kristi Miller - Diseases and Fish Farms:

11. ISAV in BC but DFO, the CFIA and BCMAL can't find disease:

12. Environment Ruined by Fish Farms - Chilean rivers:

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