Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February 2017, Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News

There have been some huge numbers of page views, from all around the world in the past month, to many of the following posts. I list the big attention ones at the top of the list. This does not mean the others are less significant. They are just as significant, but I am giving you the high traffic ones at the beginning.

The ever-growing 173 On-land Fish Farms post is the all time most popular post. This means everyone in the world knows that in-ocean fish farms are dinosaurs of the past. Somehow this status escapes our governments. In Canada's case, in that other country out there not connected to BC, Ottawa, they don't get the country of BC.

Most popular posts:

1. 176 On-Land Fish Farm Systems, comprising almost 20,000 actual on-land farms around the world:

2. Fish Farms Kill Wild Salmon - The Science:

3. Fish Farm Sewage - Huge Cost to BC Residents - $10.4 Billion:

4. Key Document: The Dark Side of Fish Farms - BLOOM Report Slams Reduction Fisheries:

5. Killing Our Oceans With Fish:

6. The Future of Aquaculture - On Land Fish Farms - The Future is Now:

7. Key Document - Dr. Kristi Miller: Diseases and Fish Farms:

8. Cooke Aquculture - a Litany of Complaint:

9. ISAV in BC, but DFO, CFIA and BCMAL Can't Find Disease:

10. Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - Will We Fight? Just Watch Us:

11. Dec 2016, Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News:

12. Pelagia, Ewos Forage  Fish Reduction Plants, for livestock, farmed fish :

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