Sunday, 4 September 2016

Marine Harvest Diseases, Wild Herring Eaten, HSMI, PRV - BC 2016, Updated Sept 22, 2016

 All disease issues in farmed salmon are solved, for wild salmon, and farmed ones, if farms are put on land in closed containment systems with recirculated water, and filtration of waste. On land systems have no diseases save the ones the stocked smolts may have, and sensibly raising such fish, eliminates such diseases.

These images are taken from the five minute Gopro video that Alex Morton took at the Midsummer, Marine Harvest farm in the Broughton Archipelago, in August 2016. This was a randomly chosen farm in a randomly chosen pen. Because the odds of this showing disease and the other issues, a reasonable person would conclude that many pens on many farms also show disease.

See the video here:  It has been viewed 750,000 times as of Sept 10,2016. This is huge interest in the well being of BC wild salmon.

The one below shows an emaciated, farmed Atlantic Salmon exhibiting the visual symptoms of HSMI/PRV. Would you eat this fish? Do you want this obviously diseased fish in BC water? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood cling to a semantic twist, and claim there is no PRV in BC (because a viral isolate has yet to be grown), that PRV does not cause HSMI (again for the same semantic twist) and that if HSMI were here it is caught from wild salmon, not PRV imported from Norway. Any reasonable person who looks at this two-inch-thick salmon, concludes it is an obviously sick fish. 

The second image shows a farmed fish eating wild herring inside the net. This is against the law. Do you want this to happen in BC? I don't think so. Note that the herring spawn has been eliminated in Kingcome Inlet for decades and there are 30 farms in this Musgamagw FN territory. Hmm.

The third image shows the pen's Atlantic farmed salmon exhibiting a common behaviour of farmed salmon with HSMI - they line up at the net, and sit there as they are too sick to move. HSMI stands for heart and skeletal muscle inflammation. It is easy to see why.


The fourth image shows wild herring outside the net eating fish farm feed that flows through the net, something that includes astaxanthin colouring, and the various PCBs, fire retardants and POPs found in fish farm feed. Do you want wild fish eating these chemicals? I think not.

Please go sign Fin Donnelly's Petition e-463 to get fish farms out of the water and set up on land. If they don't want to, they can go back to Norway and set up on land there, as Norway is also fed up with their environmental damage and is offering zero-cost licences for so doing, a $9- to $12-million subsidy, based on the saltwater auction price for a licence.

Sign at:

People who have to live with in-ocean fish farms come to overwhelmingly reject them and this is from countries around the world, as far away as Tasmania, and close by as Alaska, Atlantic Canada, Scotland and etc..........

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