Thursday, 1 September 2016

August, 2016 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News - Sept 1, 2016

I have decided to start a new document on this site. It will list the most popular posts as viewed by the global audience to this blog in the month just past.

For August, 2016, here are the most popular posts:

1. Norwegians, Canadians Reject In-ocean Fish Farms, 'An Ecological Trainwreck':

2. Finally, First Nations Tell Norwegian Fish Farms to get out of their Territory:

3. KEY DOCUMENT: 142 Mostly On-land Fish Farm Systems: Note that the list is now up to 155 on-land systems, comprising almost 20,000 on-land fish farms around the globe. Don't let the Norwegians tell you it can't be done. That is counterfactual, as they know.

4.  Bad News Bites - you may be shocked by how much bad news there is in the fish farm/seafood industry. I receive more than 20 global fish farm/seafood newsletters per week, so I am up to the minute on fish farm bad news: More than one hundred bad news stories in one month. The link is there to the more than 600 bad news stories I found from July 2015 to July 2016.

5. Jack Mackerel - Fish Farm's Buffalo - Unsustainable Industry. Fish feed is getting scarce as the Norwegian-style fish farms and others have fished down world class stocks that should be going to feed third-world humans, not fish for first-world mouths:

6. Post 2: Forage Fish - Fish Farm Feed Stats:,

7. Watershed Watch - Cohen Commission - DFO, BC is Waiting for you to do Something. Are you there Dominic? Are you there Justin?

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