Thursday, 1 June 2017

May 2017 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News

In May 2017 the most popular post by far is: The Future of On-Land Fish Farms is Now, that I have listed first. Many others have lots of point in them, so do read them, but the point is, as I said last summer, the Tipping Point has come, with Norway industry now stating that they need to be in closed containment (the wriggle room is that they still want to release their sewage into the oceans they have been polluting since the 1970s, so they just don't get that citizens want them on-land for good, and to deal with their sewage).

1. The Future of On-Land Fish Farms is Now:

2. The Strictest Laws in the World? WRONG. This is a seminal post and covers all the weak laws, and weakening of laws for fish farms, and the environment. This is a great place to find information when fish farms make the false claim that they operate under 'the strictest laws in the world' in every country in which they operate:

3. Global Citizens Call for On-land Fish Farms - In-ocean Rejected. These are the important groups on the front lines against in-ocean fish farms around the world. Look them up and find out the problems in their areas and what they are doing. And... send any new groups to me to add to the list:

4. April 2017 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News:

5. ISAV in BC But DFO, CFIA and BCMAL Can't Find Disease. This is the article and link to ISA in BC. DFO, the CFIA and BCMAL say it ain't so but the journal dismissed their claims: 

6. Habitat Protection And Changes to Laws - Righting the Wrongs of the Harper Era:

7. Newfoundland Against In-ocean Fish Farms

8. BAD NEWS BITES - Fish Farm/Seafood Industry. More than 1,600 bad news stories since July 1, 2015:

9. Closed Containment - Norway, Who'd a Thunk It?:

10. BAD NEWS BITES. Yes, this is a different post from above:

11. 183 On-land Fish Farm Systems and more than 20,000 actual on-land farms around the world. Yes, this is the all time most popular post on Fish Farm News. And it shows, categorically, that fish farm claims that they can't come out of the water because it's too costly, are absolutely FALSE:

12. Noway Polluted with Farmed Salmon. This post from 2014 made the MPP list for May 2017. In other words, look around on this site as lots of posts are as relevant today as the day they were posted:

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