Thursday, 18 February 2016

Norway Royal Salmon - Consumers Don't Buy Environmentally Unsafe In-ocean Salmon

Here is an example of a fish farm company in Norway that just does not get that the world no longer wants fish farms in the ocean. See this and the PDF, which is a Powerpoint presentation and thus easy to read quickly:

When you consider the following posts in the same context, it is clear that Norway Royal Salmon is 
getting left behind. Consumers don't want in-ocean fish farm salmon anymore because of its
climate change footprinit. Fish farms put more climate change sewage in the oceans of Norway than
the entire human population.

Now, go to the two posts that are on the Sami and Clayoqwuot First Nation summit in Norway, 
and that the concensus - in Norway - in 2016 - is that fish farms are coming out of the ocean because they are 
non-sustainable:, and,

See the NRS website:

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