Friday, 1 December 2017

Most Popular Posts - Novenber, 2017

This post lists the most popular posts of November, 2017.

The most popular posts of October, 2017 may be found here:


1. Conflict of Interest - Government Stands With Grieg Seafood, Against the People of NL Far and away the most popular post of November, thousands of views.

2. Greens/NDP - On-land Fish Farms: This was also far and away one of the most popular posts, as well. Views in the thousands.

3. KEY DOCUMENT - The Dark Side of Aquaculture, Bloom Reports Slams Reduction Fisheries for Fish Meal for Fish Farms, False Eco-Labels:

4. Most Popular Posts October, 2017:

5. Fish Farm Sewage, Fish Farm Chemicals, Fish Farm Antibiotics:

6. Chief Bob Chamberlin - Welcome to Fish Farm News: This is the November 4 protest at the BC Parliament buildings in Victoria. Images included.

7. Roderick Haig-Brown Award, 2016: People went to this to see why I won my second award for sustained environmental writing, regarding fish farm environmental damage.

8. Antibiotics in Fish Farms Cause Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - Norwegian Fish Farms: There are more than 100 antibiotics used on humans that are being used on farmed fish, and should not be because they lead to antibiotic resistant genes that get transferred, ultimately, to diseases caught by humans, rendering our life saving chemicals useless.

9. 196 On-Land Fish Farm Systems and more than 20,000 actual on-land fish farms around the world:

10. Communications Spin - Hofseth, Norway:

11. Cooke Aquaculture - A Litany of Complaint Against this Fish Farm Company: Cooke being the company that had its Cypress Island, WA, fish farm collapse in August 2017, leading to being sued, and to a legislator bringing in a bill to get fish farms out of the ocean. You may recall its excuse that the eclipse caused the farm to break up, leading to loud hoots of derision by the rest of society. If you can't make a fish farm strong enough, you should not be in the water.

12. Lice and Chemicals, Illegal Dumping of Peroxide - Norway, Marine Harvest:

13. Atlantic Sapphire On Land Fish Farm This on-land farm is so big and already in the USA that it is going to seriously damage the Canadian fish farm industry.

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