Monday, 3 July 2017

Most Popular Posts - June 2017

These are the most popular posts on Fish Farm News in June 2017. Here is the link to the most popular posts in May:

1. 189 On-Land Fish Farms. This is far and away the most popular post of all times. There are on-land fish farms all over the world, but Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood like to say it can't be done:

2. BAD NEWS BITES. There are five such posts, and I have found 1,800, yes 1,800 bad news stories on fish farm/seafood industry in less than two years. The Jan 14, 2017 post is: There is a link in this one to earlier posts dating to July 2015. The May 5, 2017 post is:

3. Global Citizens Call for On-land Fish Farms - In-ocean Rejected. The movement is now global to get fish farms out of the water:

4. New Foundland Against In-ocean Fish Farms:

5. Global Problems with Aquaculture Production:

6. NL Fish Farms - Placentia Bay, Grief Seafood - The 'Jobs and Revenue' Spin - Wild Salmon and EcoTourism Revenue in BC = $3.92 Billion:

7. Boom/Bust - Marine Harvest - Major Bust Soon

8. NDP/Greens Kick Fish Farms Out of BC Ocean:

9. Fish Farms: Laws Not Made, Laws Not Enforced, Enforcement Non-Existent, Enforcement Not Done, Records Not Kept, Records Not Given to Citizens… and so on:

10. Scientists Harassed by Fish Farms, Norwegian Government:

11. KEY DOCUMENTS – High Levels of PCBs, POPs and other Chemicals in Farmed Fish. Proving that early posts can get lots of traffic. Go look at the chemicals in farmed salmon: This is only one post on this site on the chemicals in farmed salmon.

12. KEY DOCUMENTS Fish Farm Diseases Pass Genes to Human Diseases:
Yes, you can get diseases from fish farm bacteria that you can't cure with antibiotics.

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