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The Future of Aquaculture - On-Land Fish Farms - The Future is Now, Updated Feb 25, 2017

Hi Justin and Dominic

UPDATE Feb 25, 2017: Your own DFO scientists, including Dr. Kristi Miller, have found HSMI in BC farmed fish, from PRV, and today's mail brought in the article link:   

This is the current worst disease, in a province with Canada's entire wild Pacific salmon population, that I make to be 73 million. This is 99.8% of all the salmon in Canada. You need to get fish farms out of the water and put on land, as soon as you possibly can.


Now the original letter:  

You need to get out from under your Ottawa bureaucrats, have people in your own offices do some actual research and come to understand that in-ocean fish farms are dinosaurs of the past and the industry has to be put on land.

Your report is actually about a decade behind the times. My list of on-land fish farms is huge, more than 173 actual, on-land fish farm systems around the world, comprising almost 20,000 actual on-land farms: Denmark already has 50% of its fish farms on land, and Finland has 100% of its industry on land, and forbids in-ocean fish farms.

Here is just one article, from today, Feb 20, 2017 on the vast interest in on-land fish farms: In-Ocean on the Skids - interest in on-land fish farms growing fast:

You need to wake up, move from the conflicted position you are in now, and put the industry on land. Fish farms operate in Norway with government. They call it neo-liberalism, we call it conflict of interest. Both DFO and the CFIA are conflicted. In fact, they have fraudulently colluded to not find disease in BC:   

DFO, the CFIA and BCMAL cannot find disease:, even though other researchers have shown European ISA is in BC.

The Sea Around Us project recently showed that the fish farm industry has trashed the ocean forage fish. In fact, 19 of the top 20 fish meal stocks are badly managed, collapsing or both. This is the biggest, best document in the world: 

The report painstakingly put together the stats for 75 years, and just this past week, the BLOOM association called for all fish farms to cease trashing ocean fish stocks:  

And we need on-land fish farms raising vegetarians, like tilipia, not the exotic Atlantic salmon.

The global sewage damage from aquaculture is so bad it is now threatening the world's oxygen source, our vast oceans. The Bengal Bay, India, right now, is so polluted from fish farms, aquaculture, human sewage and trawling that scientists are shouting that it alone could tip to destroying our planet's oceans:

You need to wake up. The fish farm industry is already on land, and that is the future. Just have your own people check out my links and Google for an hour.

This fact you need to pay close attention to: Wild salmon are as important to BC as French is to Quebec:

Even your own BC MPs voted against party lines on Bill C-228, to get fish farms out of the water and put on land. 70% of BC Liberals voted against you. They know they will never be re-elected if they do not stand with wild Pacific salmon.

You need to wake up and do your own research into the science. Have your personal staff follow up my links and Google for an hour. 

I have received two awards – my most recent is a national award – for my work on the environmental damage caused by fish farms. 

My blog receives hundreds of thousands of page views from around the globe:

And then there is Kinder Morgan. Will we fight? "Just watch us."

DC Reid

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