Sunday, 29 January 2017

January 2017 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News

I have listed the favourite posts on Fish Farm News each month since August 2016. Each list is on the first day of the following month, or close to it.

Starting this post, I also give you the indexes to articles on this site. I go back and update the articles, so you can often find current information in posts put up several years ago. Look for the Updated Date following the title.

Far and away the most popular post this month is the article by Prof David Miller on how the fish farm industry destroyed the credibility of a Science Jan, 9, 2004 article by Hites et al, Albany University on the cancer-causing, PCBs and POP chemicals in farmed fish. They were able to pull this cloak and dagger, and corrupt, er, successful, PR stuff even though the article was accurate and good science. That is when I decided to ground proof every claim made by fish farms and have come to the conclusion that they need to be on land raising a vegetarian fish - that is the polite answer.

Here is the most recent most important post posted in Jan: Kristi Miller on Disease and Conflict of Interest:

Here are the Jan 2017 favourites:

1. Key Document- Fish Farm Tactics,, David Miller, Oct 25, 2011:

2. Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - Will We Fight? Just Watch Us.  Dec 27, 2016:

3. Hasta La Vista Liberals, Salmon as Important to BC as French is to Quebec, Nov 21, 2016:

4. December 2016 - Most Popular Posts on Fishfarmnews, Jan 4, 2017:

5. PRV Present in 80% of Farmed Fish - yes that is 80 PERCENT, Oct 6, 2016:

6. Trudeau Government in Court, Over Fish Farm Diseases, October 13, 2016:

7. Salmon Farm Diseases - in Norway, Nov 8, 2016:

8. BAD NEWS BITES, Farmed Salmon/Seafood Industry:

9. Wild Salmon/Fishing Revenue is 630% Higher than Fish Farms

10. ISAV in BC But DFO, CFIA and BCMAL Can't Find Disease, Jan 28, 2017


MOST POPULAR POST OF ALL TIME: 170 On-land Fish Farm Systems, comprising 20,000 actual on-land farms around the world, even though Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood claim it cannot be done. They say this even though they know it is not true:

Here are the indexes. Note that I go back and update posts, so many of the posts are current:

From Oct, 2014, all earlier posts:

From Sept, 2015:

From Jan 23, 2016:

From Jan, 2017: to come: or so I say.

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