Saturday, 10 December 2016

Liberals Stand Against Wild Pacific Salmon

Hi everyone (Fin Donnelly, Elizabeth May, Mel Arnold, Todd Doherty, Dominic LeBlanc, Justin Trudeau, press).

Here is my post on Fin Donnelly’s Bill C-228 that would have required fish farms to be brought out of the water and set up on land, and thus stand for wild Pacific salmon.

Unfortunately it was defeated. Trudeau Liberals voted against wild Pacific salmon.

As mentioned in this post, you can tell politicians that jobs and revenues are low in aquaculture, give them the correct figures and they just continue saying jobs and revenues, even though their information is false.

And in this post, I cover all the misinformation in Serge Cormier’s, Lib, speech: That includes all the misinformation in Todd Doherty’s, BC, PC, speech against Bill C-228.

And, anyone who says on-land fish farms can’t be done, is simply wrong. Here is my list of more than 160 on-land fish farm systems around the world, comprising 20,000 actual on-land fish farms:

And there is a surprising, almost stunning, amount of bad news stories about the global fish farm/seafood industry. I receive more than 20 global fish farm newsletters every week and have found more than a thousand bad news stories in little more than the past year. For example, the CEO of the company that owns Marine Harvest was thrown in jail earlier this year for corruption and bribes.

Here is one of my Bad News Bites posts. I think you may be shocked: Just scan the boldfacing for a minute.

I think the day is coming when BC takes back responsibility for wild Pacific salmon from DFO and the east.

DC Reid


One more thing. If you want to see how mad the people of Atlantic Canada are about fish farms, take a look at this:

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