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Just When You Thought Fish Farms Couldn't get Any Worse - Norway, Lice, Disease, Etc., Updated Nov 25, 2016

Just when you thought fish farms couldn't get any worse, there is more bad news out of fish farm central, Norway. BC fish farm companies, Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood are Norwegian firms.

Note the fines, punishment, putting fish farms on land, moves to closed containment, principle that polluter pays - we need this here in BC where the sewage damage is $10.4 billion that we taxpayers absorb - we don't want to pay. [Note that at the bottom is a candid assessment of the Norway industry in 2011. So it is five years later, and the same has gotten worse].

Note that Masoval Fish Farming tries to blame there are diseases in the area and that the weather was bad. Gee whiz, darn, sorry, we're not that sympathetic. After all, the Norwegian government is giving out free licences to set up on land, a $9- to $12-million subsidy based on the in-ocean auction price of a licence.

And the last two lines, at the bottom of the article, from Leroy are the kind of spin used by fish farms. Meanwhile the problems just keep on getting worse.

This fish has had lice eat its entire skin, flesh, and working on the cartilage to its brain:

The following is a Google Translate version of the Norwegian news article. That accounts for the flaws in the text. There are a range of problems with the industry, see bold facing:

Fisheries Minister: - Total unacceptableFisheries Minister Per Sandberg (FRP) considering stronger sanctions against breeders after 360,000 salmon had major damage from sea lice Frøya. 

Salmon that are attacked by liceThe image of Lang A cutter facility that is run by Leroy Central, shows that sea lice have eaten right down to the head bone of salmon. Photo: FSA

Published 15.11.2016, at. 6:49per SandbergFisheries Minister 

Per Sandberg believes one can not punish the whole industry.Photo: Pedersen, Terje / NTB scanpixAn overall environmental movement and Norwegian Minister of Fisheries is shaken by the images FSA has taken on the outer side of Freya earlier this fall.

- Anyone who has seen these images realize that this is totally unacceptable. Some have failed in the task of taking care of animal welfare, says Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg (FRP) to NRK.Lerøy Central and Måsøval Fish farming has been told to more than halve production by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The images of the audit shows fish that are almost living eaten up by lice.Fisheries Minister will now go through the legislation to look at imposing sanctions against such actors.- But we can not punish an entire industry because some players fail, says Sandberg.This has caused very extensive damage and suffering to the fish and significant spread of, or risk of spreading, lice and diseases PD and ILA.
Food Safety Authority report360000 Salmon with widespread damageRasmus HanssonParliament Rasmus Hansson (MDGs) proposes a three-year growth stoppage in the industry.Photo: Pedersen, Terje / NTB scanpix

According to the FSA was sea lice almost 40 times over the permitted in the facilities of the two companies. Authority estimates that 360,000 salmon had extensive injuries after lice. 

Greenpeace and the Green Party will have growth ceases in the aquaculture industry and demand action from Sandberg.- Firstly, he must stop further growth until the environmental problems are solved. Secondly should Sandberg provide investment aid for farmers who want to move to closed containment, said parliament Rasmus Hansson (MDGs). 

Hansson also proposes to impose heavier punishments on the escape of salmon from fish farms.- Sandberg should inter alia impose labeling salmon so escaped salmon can be traced to the proper facilities and raise fines.

Fisheries Minister: - Have taken actionFisheries Minister believes on his side that MDGs Rasmus Hansson must read up.

- There has been no growth in the last four years. I have introduced gratuitous creation of local facilities on land and introduced the principle that the polluter pays escapes, says Sandberg. 

He points out that he has also tightened the use of drugs, luseforskriften and growth regime for 2017.If Lerøy Central had followed up the content of their own plan for fighting lice could this have been avoided.

Food Safety Authority report

Bellona is pleased that NOAH has prosecuted the case.- This is animal abuse. Here lice situation clearly been out of control for a long time, says Head of Bellona, ​​Hallstein Havåg.

Lice damages salmon at the plant Måsøval piscicultureThis photo is taken 2 September 2016 at the plant board Weather Frøya. The plant belongs Måsøval aquaculture. 

RegrettableMåsøval Fish farming has a comment to NRK complained that the fish have been exposed to diseases by their locality and explained that the situation on board weather was very demanding and extraordinary. 

Executive Vice President Stig Nilsen in Lerøy Seafood Group writes to NRK in an email:- We note that the staff at the FSA, Secretary of State and other very active commented Mattilsynet notice sent to various companies in Trondelag, including Lerøy AS Central. 

He asks for understanding that the company will initially respond FSA directly.

- We are of the opinion that the company's response will correct the impression which has been created around Lerøy Central's operation.


A candid assessment of the Norwegian industry in 2011: Title:

Report on the Environmental Impact of Farming of North Atlantic Salmon in Norway. It was published by the Green Warriors, an EGO in Norway.

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