Monday, 18 July 2016

Fish Farm Disease in BC - Sea Shepherd, Alex Morton, Pamela Anderson, David Suzuki, Paul Watson

Well, its only been a couple of weeks since the Skuna Bay 'organic' 'craft' salmon were dying of furunculosis:

And that post has a link to the algal bloom deaths in Clayoquot Sound in 2016, as well as to the Chile bloom that killed 25 million farmed salmon, with their own sewage a likely cause of the bloom. It also refers to deaths at Grieg Seafood farmed salmon on the Sunshine Coast in 2016. Marine Harvest lost 2.5 million fish in Chile to the bloom. The overall loss has been pegged at $800 Million with 10,000 multiplier jobs lost.

Meanwhile, here in BC, while DFO and the CFIA have been shown to be trying to find different labs that don't find PRV disease in BC, something that should get many staff fired, and the industry is crowing about how well run BC farms are, the Sea Shepherd with Alex Morton will be moving north shortly to take water samples near fish farms:
Go look at the site and if you see the Sea Shepherd boat, do take some video and stills. I will be on the river estuaries north of Campbell River for two weeks fly fishing pink salmon. In 2012, I photoed an infected salmon that could not swim straight and kept swimming in a circle, and ending up on shore, where it died, after I had put it back in the ocean several times.
You will note the infection in its gills. It's brain looked okay, but both gill covers had infections, its heart was mushy and its liver looked green. These are consistent with several diseases of salmon farms, and could have arisen there, there being dozens of fish farms in Johnstone Strait from Campbell River north.

This link takes you to Pamela Anderson and David Suzuki talking about farmed salmon as well as the Sea Shepherd project:

Here is a photo of the Gopro camera put into a random net of a random farm on the midcoast. It sure looks diseased to me. It has the symptoms of HSMI.Would you eat this? Do you want it in our ocean? I think not:

Now, From Alex Morton
In a stunning development Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd offered me a ship and crew to further my work protect wild salmon from salmon farms!
The launch of Operation Virus Hunter begins today with a press conference with First Nation leaders, Pamela Anderson and David Suzuki.
If you want to follow this voyage I have created a website to allow you to keep track of us and most importantly for you to help!
I don't think the Liberal government is being properly briefed on the impact of this dirty industry and so I set sail on the Martin Sheen on a research and public awareness mission.  This will be a peaceful journey, no harassment of the workers, no disruption of the daily operations of the farms, but we will be taking a close look at these farms.  They thrive on secrecy, however they are using public waters...
Here is the web link:
If you see the ship go by please photo and share.  This is our chance to speak to the world about the destruction of one of earths rare places that still makes clean water and food.
Alexandra Morton, Gwayum'dzi

Here is the post for the boat:

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