Friday, 8 April 2016

Help Nova Scotia Get Fish Farms out of the Pristine Ocean and Put On Land Where they Belong

Go sign this NS-sponsored petition to help Nova Scotia get fish farms out of their pristine ocean and set up on land.

Do note that the way the petition reads, this would mean all of Canada, and BC dislikes in-ocean fish farms big time, almost 600% more signatures than any other province. Well done.

See: April 19, the total exceeds 6000.

Norway is now getting the same fish farm companies out of the water in their country, with free licenses, a $9- to $12-million subsidy for each license based on the auction price for saltwater.

Go see my list of 385 News Bites from global press in less than a year on the problems of the fish farms/seafood industry. I think you will be shocked at how bad the record is. Just scan the bold face titles for a minute: 

Today, May 1, more than 430 global news articles on the problems with fish farms/seafood industry - in less than a year.

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