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Monsanto, Marine Harvest, Cermaq, Grieg Seafood, Big Tobacco, is There any Difference?, Updated, Dec8, 2015

Of great surprise, a coalition of ENGOs, scientists, lawyers and individuals just initiated action to take Monsanto to the world court in the Hague in 2016 for crimes against humanity.

Just announced at the time of the Paris climate change initiative, Dec 2015, the substance of the case is that Monsanto's business practices, media and government manipulation, its products, for example, Round Up, Agent Orange (yes, from Vietnam), PCBs and its GMO seeds for single-crop farming, have caused great damage to the environment, the world, the soil and to humans themselves that is criminal in nature.

This is one news document on the subject: Read it and come back here.

I was struck by the similarity between what is suggested of Monsanto and what was suggested against the global fish farm industry, the multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies, typified by Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood, after it neutralized a January 9, 2004 article in Science that determined farmed salmon have high levels of cancer-causing chemicals (largely because of fish meal in fish feed).

When I finished reading the document, I realized I would never again believe anything said by a fish farm company again, unless I ground-proofed it first.

This is that document: Like Big Tobacco, that didn't know cigarettes caused cancer a good score of years after everyone else on the planet did, the fish farms went after the Hites et al group, Albany, New York, and did what it took to discredit the research. The David Miller article reads like a Hollywood thriller, very hard to believe an actual company doing such things in the real world, not on screen.

This is the Science article that was neutralized:

The Hites group have gone on to publish a decade worth of articles on the high level of persistent organic pollutants (including, like Monsanto, PCBs), cancer causing and other chemicals in farmed fish. Last year, Norwegian doctors and researchers were warning Norwegians not to eat farmed fish because of the chemicals. See my index for to find documents:

In both the Monsanto and fish farm case, the documents suggest a high level of collusion and willingness to win for big dollars at any cost; the part of this story that hadn't fallen into place for me, is whether fish farms currently have problems with their public image, like in 2004.

I started listing articles that came my way into a post. I receive four fish farm international newsletters every day, some with 50 stories to scan, as well as two summaries weekly, and two other ENGO summaries weekly, too. In other words, I am up on the global news - every day.

You go look at this post and see if you are not shocked by the illegal, fraudulent, boom/bust industry activities that the fish farm and seafood industry has around the world. My list is only  five months of 2015, but go look and scan a list of almost 200 articles I give you links to.

To give you an example, the CEO of Fredriksen, the company that owns Marine Harvest, was sentenced to six months in jail recently for fraud/corruption. This is item 129, the CEO is: Jo Lunder.

I am not making this up. Just go look at the list, and reach your own conclusions about fish farms. I think you will be shocked and start thinking that the Monsanto connection and its 'crimes against humanity' isn't such a stretch. See:

Just in, an article that claims there is much in error in the case against Monsanto. You may want to read it too:

Also just in, an article on using peroxide to kill lice in Norway, is far more damaging to the environment than keeping fish on land and that the government has known about this for 30 years. You can have Google translate it for you: A Norwegian lawyer thinks fishermen can sue for loss of shrimp and fisheries.

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