Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Peru, Too Can't Harvest Enough Fish Meal for Third World Human Consumption

I have mentioned that fish farms, by using small fish from the ocean, take food out of the mouths of third world humans. Third world food is fed to farmed salmon (they should not be using carnivorous fish anyway) that can only be sold to first world mouths because third world mouths can't afford the cost of farmed fish.

Here is an example that I have been watching for the last two years: in Peru the anchovy harvest has been closed more than it had been opened in the past year. And most goes to feed prawns in Asia, with one Norwegian boat still operating.


The boats moved to Peruvian waters because jack mackerel, anchovy and so on were decimated by the Norwegian industry in Chile to use as fish an industry that collapsed in 2008 because the Norwegians - Aquagen to be precise - transferred Norwegian ISA to Chile and more than 13,000 third world people lost their jobs.

These are the plants processing for human consumption in the third world that have had to close down: "Pez de Exportacion (Pezex), Andesa, Cardomar, Congelados Pacifico and Pesquera Morrosama plants have stopped operations, affected by the lack of access to the resource.".

And: "Anchovy volumes processed for direct human consumption have decreased drastically. In 2011, food fish plants processed 125,000 metric tons of anchovy, whereas in 2014 a third of this was processed."

That is how bad aquaculture, particularly fish farming, is for human consumption of food. Fish farms do not feed a hungry world, because the hungry can't afford farmed fish. It is sold for first world mounts. And, in many cases, the Norwegians and others are complicit in running down the world's stocks of small fish that should be used for human food.

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