Sunday, 21 June 2015

Nancy Greene Raine Silence On Fish Farms Speaks Volumes on Support for Wild BC Salmon

Go back and look at this article on Nancy Greene Raine supporting fish farms in 2014.


It gives you a good summary on fish farm problems in BC Canada and around the world.

Since I posted it, I have not seen Nancy Greene Raine - a BC senator - say anything about supporting fish farms. She no doubt now realizes, as I pointed out, that to stand with Norwegian style fish farms is standing against BC wild salmon.

She must know that this is a non-starter in this province as her name would go down as the person who destroyed wild BC and all Pacific Ocean salmonids - five species, perhaps a billion wild salmon..

Note that DFO and senators in the rest of Canada do not know that BC has 99.8% of all the wild salmon in Canada. The rest of Canada, six provinces, have only 177,000 Atlantic salmon, or 0.2% of all the salmon in Canada. This is why DFO and the Senate and the federal government do not understand the meaning of wild salmon to the Pacific ocean and BC.

This is such a big issue here that the citizens of BC will be turned against the rest of Canada if DFO, Gail Shea, and the Conservative Government do not take fish farms out of the BC ocean waters. In BC, there are a number of environmental issues that have turned citizens against the Harper Government, including the Enbridge pipeline, Kinder Morgan pipeline, US coal shipments, Site C dam, LNG, Mt. Polly tailings pond breach, even though some of these are provincial issues.

Go back and find the many posts that give you the link to the 110,000 British Columbians who have signed a petition to have DFO and BC, Christy Clark, not allow expansion of fish farms in BC and to get fish farms out of the BC ocean.

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