Friday, 26 June 2015

Marine Harvest has ISA - Worst Fish Farm Disease, Updated June 28, 2015

Marine Harvest in Chile has tested positive for ISA in Junw, 2015


"On Sunday the virus was detected in Marine Harvest's 9B pond on the Meulin Island in the Lakes Region during a scans of the area. The initial positive test alerted fish inspectors to confirm which cage had tested positive and that the disease was in fact ISA. The fish from the infected pond will also be immediately harvested as mandated under Chilean law..."

A year ago, Marine Harvest had ISA in Norway.


Marine Harvest has and had ISA in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. I will let you know where it has disease next. Note that in BC, Canada, Marine Harvest has been hit repeatedly with Kudoa, myoliquifaction, that makes meat soft and consumers won't buy it. BC has much of this parasite.

If you would like to follow the diseases that Marine Harvest gets in its fish, just Google: Marine Harvest fish farm diseases in 2015. You will have pages and pages of Marine Harvest fish farm diseases to read. As always, there is only one issue with fish farming: it needs to be on dry land, recirculating and deal wit hits sewage.

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