Sunday, 14 May 2017

New Foundland Against In-ocean Fish Farms - Updated May 25, 2017

Bill Bryden, with the environmental/fishing groups of NL, sent this note to the government and press of NL. He is on the list of the Global Citizens Call for On-land Fish Farms, the list of citizens from around the world who want fish farms taken out of the ocean:

First the short list of the government employees to which the letter was sent:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Quite a few. And the list of private individuals to whom the letter was sent is twice as long as this list.

Now, the letter:

Honorable Premier, Ministers, MHAs, and Respected Others;

Hot off the presses of the international Journal Of Aquaculture Environment Interactions comes a study that analyzed nearly 30 years of data to show that salmon farm open net pen amplified sea lice cause a dramatic decline in nearby wild salmon numbers. The science on this is now overwhelming (100s of peer reviewed papers). It is no secret that sea lice transmit many deadly finfish pathogens that are amplified in our open net pen in NL such as IPNv, ISAv, etc etc. Given that the entire southern Newfoundland salmon stock of 4U is federally S.A.R.A listed as "threatened" how can government sanction the expansion of yet more open net pens?! 

Our south coast herring stocks are now collapsing and infected with a deadly aquaculture virus  (3L recently shut down to purse seining), local lobster harvesters are complaining about lobster grounds not producing near the pens, DFO lists open net pens as a threat to the wild trout and salmon stocks in their SARA is this governing using "science based decisions"?
When will government start shifting away from the destructive 1958 open net pen method of pathogen amplification (like Norway is now doing in leaps and bounds) and start the shift to land based closed containment? Where are the plans and incentives to make this happen? How much shall our wild fish stocks, our own health, and our economy suffer before government reacts? Must we have yet ANOTHER total meltdown of the failed open net pen industry like we experienced from 2012-2014?

When will government become transparent and release the damning data they are hiding?

Bill Bryden


In other words, the citizens of the world are calling on their governments to take fish farms out of the oceans, around the world.

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