Friday, 3 June 2016

Skuna Bay Lands Gullible Distributor in the USA - Buckhead Beef

You will recall that Skuna Bay -  that isn't in Skuna Bay, BC - killed 65 sea lions, drowning them in their nets, and then had to pay a $100,000 fine after it was convicted of killing them:


Then it sold its farmed fish as 'special' to a gullible US Open Tennis tournament that, tut, tut, did not do its homework. Here is the letter by lots of well-known environmentalists about Skuna Bay's non-sustainable fish farm fish, pointing out that its claims are untrue:

Here is what Skuna has done recently, landing a gullible Buckhead Beef distributor for distribution in the USA. When the customers find out the unsustainable nature of in-ocean fish farm fish, all the sentient sea lions killed to put salmon in their mouths,  it is highly unlikely they will buy it again, and too bad for Buckhead Beef.


Skuna Bay Salmon Nears National Distribution in Deal With Atlanta's Buckhead Beef

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] June 3, 2016
Skuna Bay has struck an agreement with Atlanta-based food purveyor Buckhead Beef that will expand distribution of its Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon to four additional markets in the US.

The deal will see Skuna Bay salmon make it to stores in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. This brings the product close to complete national distribution now that it's available in 42 US states and 4 Canadian provinces...


You will notice that only 4 Canadian provinces will buy the stuff, while 87.5% of the southern 48 will do so, at the moment. But not for long. As soon as the Americans, who want ethical food in their mouths find out, they will stop buying Skuna Bay unsustainable, non-organic, sea-lion-killing salmon soon.


And today, June 15, 2016, Grieg Seafood has been shown offloading dead farmed fish in large quantities on May 31. I wonder if these are Skuna Bay fish. Mmm. And of course Skuna Bay and these fish are all in Nootka Sound. I don't think Americans will want to eat these:

Text: "May 31: caught Grieg Seafood pumping dead farmed salmon into dumpsters loaded on a landing barge near Gold River. This is not the normal way salmon farmers remove their morts. This die-off is happening simultaneously with a die-off near Tofino. This farm experienced a die-off in 2014 and these are the next generation of salmon in these pens. With all these dead fish I have to wonder - what are they dying of, who is checking on these fish and is salmon farming even viable in BC? Are we risking our wild salmon to an industry which nature has turned against? ‪#‎wildsalmon‬ @clayoquotaction"

And Skuna Bay landed another gullible distributor, and a big one: Sysco's Southwest Seafood Purveyor Louisiana Foods:

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