Sunday, 8 January 2012

ISA - Deficiencies in BC Testing System, DFO and CFIA - Jan 8, 2012

Gregory J. Mcdade, QC, lawyer for the wild salmon of BC conservationists at the Cohen Commission has lodged his final submission on the ISA testing hearings in Dec 2011.

Read his document:

This report is devastating in its conclusions on the deficiencies in the BC Testing System, the BC government, DFO and the CFIA.

Among other things, the BC testing system has been shown to be invalid for ISA, using a PCR test that a graduate student had developed, but that has not been peer reviewed or validated by the OIE; the CFIA's interest is only in trade, and thus its actions were to take ISA samples and quarantine them, to take action to devalue the OIE lab of Kibenge, Miller in BC, and Nylund in Norway, and that it has no expertise in testing wild fish for fish diseases; and that DFO and BC government, at the ministerial level sought only to devalue the experts and claim that the Moncton backup lab (which has been shown to have equipment that is not that sensitive for ISA) was of international stature. Testimony has shown that it is not of that calibre.

Briefly, the summation covers these issues: testing by Kibenge/Miller/Nylund, Moncton inabilities, DFOs failing to bring the Molly K report forward (or follow up on Cultus Lake), p4, Marty PCR test developed by a grad student, not an OIE test nor validated, ISA strain of European type, 2007 (had ISA and HSMI - Miller) and 2008 smolts and collapse, HSMI in Clayoquot, disingenuous BCSFA, DFO and CFIA denial and suppression, Ministers Nov 9 and Dec 2 denials, (P9 and footnotes), CFIA denial (p10), this is scandalous, undermine Kibenge (p12), Klotins Nov 4 email on no testing by CDN labs, eliminating DFO role in aquaculture, and recommendations (p 17).

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