Saturday, 22 October 2011

Introductory List of Fish Farm Issues

For those wishing to followup their concerns with fish farm issues, here is a brief list of the major problems:

1. Disease - one third to one half of all product is lost to disease - $32 - $49 billion every year.
2. Disease - transfer to wild fish, for example, sockeye and coho salmon.
3. Genetic interactions with wild Atlantic salmon.
4. Environmental degradation
5. Using third world baitfish in feed rather than leaving it for third world mouths.
6. Kills of marine mammals and birds.
7. Antifouling paints.
8. Use of chemicals to kill sea lice, some of which are illegal.
9. Transferring lice to wild salmon smolts.
10. Failing to pay licence fees.
11. Catching wild salmon and herring.
12. Using the ocean as a free open sewer for feed and fish waste.
13. Open-net, in-ocean fish farms are technologically old tech.
14. The rest of the world's farmers, retailers and consumers want only fish from sustainable sources, particularly on-land, closed, RAS systems.

The internet is now a good source of information and you can find more in-depth coverage of these and other issues easily.

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