Friday, 14 October 2011

Cohen Commission Testimony - Dr. Kristi Miller, Updated Oct 30, 2011

The best section of video testimony into the 2009 Fraser River sockeye collapse by a scientist, Kristi Miller, is: She talks about her viral signature work.

While over 50 minutes long, it is well worth viewing as it gives the best summary of the nuances and caveats of viral pathology science in salmon. It is the best video of all that are available. Bring caffeine and listen.

The other reason for viewing this 'clip' is that while the lawyers are trying to move Miller toward saying what will support the interpretation that they want to give her research, it is the least partisan of the testimony on the stand.

Miller is allowed to fully say what she has to say and she does a great job. Fascinating.

This is Kristi Miller's Powerpoint presentation of her research, as Cohen Commission document:

This is Kristi Miller's Science article:

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