Thursday, 5 February 2015

BC Fish Farms Subsidized by Taxpayers - $2 Million Each

In Norway fish farms must pay $1.69 million or almost $2 million Canadian, to get a licence.

In BC, because we have very low fees ($5171.25 X 130 = $67,000), it means we are subsidizing every farm to the tune of $2 million. What this means is that Norwegian-style fish farms have no argument for not being put on land, because of cost. They are subsidized now $2 Million.

We taxpayers are subsidizing the entire industry of 130 farms (80 operating at any given time) to the tune of $260 million. This is 400% of the entire aquaculture contribution to GPP of $61.9 Million.

Norwegian fish farms in BC need to be on land just like the 10,000 other actual on-land farms around the world.

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