Saturday, 22 June 2013

KEY DOCUMENT - Slaughtered, Diseased Fish Farm Salmon Compensated with Taxpayer Dollars, June 22, 2013

Like the disease post that I update continually:  (, this post will grow very long as it will document the millions of taxpayer dollars paid by government for slaughtered, diseased fish farm fish, instead of the company itself, or its insurance. No one wants open-net, in-ocean farms anymore - they are technological dinosaurs - that in BC can be eliminated in 60 days by cancelling leases.

The CFIA pays up to $30 per fish - that means $30 million per million fish - and also pays for the slaughtering process, transport of fish, including disposal of fish, disinfection of processing plants and transport ships and any equipment, like nets, that cannot be disinfected.

As a taxpayer, I strongly object to billion dollar Norwegian companies like Marine Harvest, Cermaq Mainstream and Grieg Seafood, receiving my tax money because one third to one half of all aquaculture product is destroyed by disease. Let them have insurance, and pay for dead diseased fish themselves. Let them go back to Norway.

I am also in the process of putting together the argument showing that fish farms are actually a net loss to the economy, and do not contribute anything to employment or gross provincial product in BC.

3. In Newfoundland June 7, 2013, ISA disease, up to 500,000 salmon slaughtered at Gray Aqua Group Hermitage Bay.See: See also:

2. NF, GAG, Butter Cove, ISA, Dec 2012, slaughtered. See above links.

1. NB, Cooke Aquaculture, ISA. diseased fish sold into the Canadian food market - because the USA will not take diseased fish. 240,000 salmon Coffin Island. See second link, above.

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