Friday, 19 April 2013

64 On-land Fish Farm Systems, Comprising more than 8,100 On land Fish Farms Around the World, Updated Sept 15, 2013

Here are another six links to on-land fish farms. That makes 63 on-land, mostly recirculating fish farm systems I have found without really looking. They comprise some 8,100 actual on-land farms around the world.

In-ocean fish farms are old-tech dinosaurs and should be legislated out of the water to save the pristine environments, and wild fish stocks. It is so simple.

Go to this link to visit all the on-land fish farm systems I have found: If you have trouble, just go to the posts for January 2012 and you will find it.

Here are the new sites. Six links, but actually sixteen more on-land fish farms:

1. Tilapia, MDM Aqua Farms, Rumsey, Alberta, Canada,, website unavailable, 04/19/2013

2. Halibut, Scotia Halibut (Nova Scotia),, landbased, Wood’s Harbour, Clark’s Harbour.

3. Sea Bream/Sea bass, Sustainable Blue, Nova Scotia, Sea Bream/Sea bass –, land based, recirculating.

4. Yellow Perch, Bell Aquaculture, Indiana, USA, Landbased.

5. Tilapia, Canada, Courtenay BC,, Redfish Ranch.

6. Nova Scotia, 11 on-land systems raising adult fish.

Now, Sept 15, 2013, Sustainable Blue now has its first group of on-land, closed containment Atlantic salmon. See: 3