Wednesday, 21 March 2012

KEY DOCUMENT - Farmed Fish Prices Will Tank in 2012 - Updated April 30, 2012

The latest article on fish farm prices has finally seen the light and is predicting a huge drop in fish farm fish prices in 2012:

Go back to the post on share prices and scroll to the bottom, to find articles as recent as Mid-March, 2012 predicting a rise, when it is obvious that with Norway being released from a 26% countervailing duty for dumping fish on the US market, and mounting fish supply, and Chilean product back at 500,000 tons that Marine Harvest, Cermaq/Mainstream, Grieg Seafood and so on will have their share prices back in freefall in 2012:

And, now, in early April, here is the first article on falling Atlantic salmon sales, and price drops, in Norway:

And now, in mid-April, an article on falling Atlantic salmon prices. Gee I must be psychic:Link

"the average price of $3.17/lb. was a drop of 19.3 percent to from $3.93/lb. in January, Link2011."

And still in April, Marine Harvest's Q1 sales (EBITs) compared with Q1 2011 is K270 versus K963 or only 28% of last year. And the big Chilean numbers have yet to be harvested - (now estimated as high as 700,000 tonnes). See:

April 30 - And Russia's denying import of Norwegian farmed fish as it found salmonella and ecoli will further depress sale prices:

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