Sunday, 6 November 2011

CHILE Wants Compensation from Norway and Norwegian Fish Farms

Chile sustained a $2 billion loss in its fish farm industry when Norwegian fish farms brought ISA to Chile and after a number of years an epidemic broke out. The outbreak ended in 2010, and since, 23 sites have been sequenced for ISA again.

Typically, fish farms say that they can't have problems because the regulatory system in the country they are in is the most stringent in the world - they say this in Scotland, Norway and Canada at the moment - then when ISA breaks out, they want slaughter compensation and say the problem lay with the government and they may sue. They got $40 million from the feds for the NB ISA breakout; Norway has not gotten rid of ISA in 26 years.

The real loser here will be the Province of BC because it operates the disease testing regime. With five wild Pacific salmon of four of five species testing ISA positive in short order recently, it suggests there is something wrong with the provincial system - either its test or the reporting system - when they tested 4726 farm fish, with 1100 symptoms of ISA, but zero cases of ISA. At this point fish farms are still saying they have no ISA, but their strategy will unfold in the coming months, as more ISA is confirmed in wild Pacific salmon.

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